Sunday, December 19, 2010

ARCADE Cupcakes - for Mediamatic, Art Society in Amsterdam

ARCADE cupcakes, originally uploaded by Cakes by ZOBOT.
Cupcakes made for the opening of ARACDE at Mediamatic, Art Society.

Arcade: Coin Swallowing Amusement Machines

Arcade is about the history of game culture. We successively completed Level 1 in November 2010. Seven new interactive gaming installations were made during the Dev Camp, and presented at Sensor Fest. Level 2 is all about arcade cabinets and will be opening on Saturday December 18. The exhibition runs until March 27th. Between now and then we'll be opening various different levels. Exhibition space meets Arcade.

Program December 18th

Bring back memories by playing old skool arcade games like Pong, Donkey Kong Jr, Space Invaders, Breakout and Mortal Combat. Listen to the sounds of Dj's Master Fader and The Snail, and show us your moves on the Dance Dance Revolution arcade. If you're nice and register for the opening you can play with all the games you like. Please bring your friends but make sure they register themselves to be admitted.

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