Monday, September 8, 2014

Red Marble Birthday Cake

Red Marble, Red Velvet Cake for a 40th!

Happy Birthday Debbie! And just remember 40 is the new 30!

Cute and Comic Birthday Cakes

How cute are these two cakes eh?!!!

A talking Unicorn and... wait... is that?  What?!  

Is that a cake with a squirrel riding a horse?!  

Why, yes it is.  & don't ask why.  It's just cute.

Pretty Pearly Wedding Cake

Congrats to Svitlana & Wagner!  Pretty Pearly Wedding Cake!

Golden Sugar Pearls Wedding Cake

Simple Classic wedding cake with pattern of 3 golden sugar pearls.  

Congrats to Kun & Karen who were married at The TOLHUIS Amsterdam on the 30th of August!

Lego Birthday Cake

An AWESOME cake for a lego fanatic... 
even at the ripe age of 30, Antoine still happily plays with his legos!

A delicious joke gift cake ordered by his girlfriend!

Volvo Cupcakes

A peek at a Volvo dealers Birthday cakes!

Standard Design Cakes

Standard design cakes!  Simple and personalized! 

The Darling Cupcakes

The Darling cupcakes!  Available weekly at 
The DarlingRunstraat 4 in Amsterdam

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Ruffle Wedding Cake

Summer Ruffle Wedding Cake!

Congrats to Kristen & Arthur!

Green and White Classic Wedding Cake

Pastel Mint green and White wedding cake with alternating 3 dot iced pattern and fresh roses!

Very classic, yet quite modern! 
Congrats to Sophie & Chirs on thier wedding at Het Rijk van de Keizer!