Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Technics Turntable Cake

Technics Turntable Cake, originally uploaded by Cakes by ZOBOT.

This was a Technics inspired turntable cake made for a DJ's Birthday.

It's great, now that I am making cakes in Amsterdam, old friends and acquaintances of mine are able to order cakes from me!

It just so turned out that this old acquaintance also lives JUST around the corner from the kitchen I am renting in the Westerparc area! She ordered the cake for her boyfriend who's a DJ and apparently specially requested this cake for his birthday!

I made a turntable cake ages ago at my old work, and just really threw it together... don't think i even looked at a picture....

This time I did a bit more research and was able to take the time to made it, spending more time on important little details! I was very happy with how it turned out!

The cake was totally chocolate, moist chocolate cake filled with a layer of rich chocolate ganache, crumb-coated in chocolate buttercream and cover in grey marzipan dusted with silver powder. The only thing that was not edible is the arm, which has a wire in it to give it shape.


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