Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boobies Cake

Boobies cake for Brits celebrating a Birthday in Amsterdam!

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  1. Boobie Birthday Cake for my Boyfriend.

    From England I contacted CAKE Amsterdam who was very prompt with their email replies. I sent my ideas across via email and CAKE Amsterdam contributed to come up with a final ideas.

    On receiving the product...WOW!!!
    It was more than I had hoped for. It was amazing! CAKE Amsterdam I take my hat off to you.

    At the restaurant when the guests and the whole restaurant saw it they were all in awe. The table next to us which had 2 gentlemen from the USA and they enquired. Straight away I gave the details of CAKE Amsterdam.

    Once we cut the masterpiece which my partner really did not want to do...It tasted absolutely delicious. I had chosen the Fresh & Fruity. I thought it would be like what we call Victoria sponge but it was sooo much better. It had fresh fruit and ever so tasty buttercream (ummmmmm). The sponge was soft and great consistency.

    There were 12 of us we each had a huge slice and there was still lots left over. We gave the USA gentlemen a slice each. They said, and I quote ‘This is some really good cake, probably one of the best, what was the website again?’ I have to agree. There were still some slices left so we took them with us for a snack for later.

    I have nothing but great this to say about:
    1. The company & the customer service
    2. The end product

    All have been a smooth, exciting and memorable transition. I will definitely, definitely be using CAKE Amsterdam again when I visit. I just wish there was one in London. I apologize for the length of this comment but I have to spread the word.

    Thank you so very much, I am forever grateful.


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